Dorchester Middle School

Vision Statement

Dorchester Middle School is built upon our mantra of ROARS (Ready, Original, Ambitious, Respectful and Safe).

Our vision is simple. To ensure every child at Dorchester Middle School reaches their potential academically, physically and emotionally, fully ready to move onto the next stage of their education.

We are a community of committed education professionals, relentlessly focussed on teaching and learning that is underpinned by best practice research. We are passionate about wanting our pupils to thrive.

Promoting a love of reading and ensuring the skills our pupils need to read fluently and with understanding is central to our curriculum and pedagogy.

We are dedicated in ensuring that every child, every day, receives high quality teaching, a broad and balanced curriculum and opportunities which allow them to live out our school’s mantra and become responsible members of our local community.

A safe, supportive and inclusive environment where everyone is equal and all achievements are celebrated ensures that our pupils feel confident, motivated and understood by all staff for the individual and additional needs they have. We firmly believe that every child has a unique character to be inspired.

We seek to bring the outside world into our school community and provide pupils with every opportunity to experience something new, to build curiosity and raise aspiration.

Dorchester Middle School is on a rapid journey of improvement and I invite you to visit and find out more about the exciting work that is being undertaken.


Jon Webb

Head of School


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