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We aim to promote positive mental health and wellbeing for our whole school community (children, staff, parents, and carers), and recognise how important mental health and emotional wellbeing is to our lives in just the same way as physical health. We recognise that children’s mental health is a crucial factor in their overall wellbeing and can affect their learning and achievement.


Our role in school is to ensure that children are able to manage times of change and stress, and that they are supported to reach their potential or access help when they need it. We also have a role to ensure that children learn about what they can do to maintain positive mental health, what affects their mental health, how they can help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues, and where they can go if they need help and support.

 Website support for parents:

Tutorful - The Expert Parents' Guide to Childhood Anxiety  - This guide will help you to identify symptoms of anxiety and it gives tips and techniques for you to use to overcome it.

DOWNLOADS | CAMHS Resources (         This is a collection of downloadable self-help guides that may be useful to you. Some are aimed at adults but the ideas and suggestions in them can still be relevant for young people and parents. If you click on the image, it will automatically download the PDF from its source and the credit will link to the originator’s main website.

YoungMinds | Mental Health Charity For Children And Young People | YoungMinds  -

Whether you want to understand more about how you're feeling and find ways to feel better, or you want to support someone who's struggling, we can help.

The Mix - Essential support for under 25s  - support service for young people; with information, forums, a helpline and a free counselling service.


Emergency support:

  • If you need to talk to someone about something that's happening or something you are worried about you can call Childline on 0800 1111.

This is a free and confidential 24-hour helpline where you can talk about anything that's worrying you.​​​​ ChildLine’s Confidentiality policy means you can speak to a counsellor in confidence about a range of different concerns.

  • To talk with someone confidentially about how you feel, you can:

Ring HOPELINEUK on 0800 068 4141 or the Samaritans on 116 123.           

  • If you feel like you may attempt suicide, or you have seriously hurt yourself, this is an emergency. You can:
  • Call 999 and ask for an ambulance.
  • Tell an adult you trust and ask them to call 999 for help.

Apps for support of Children and Young PeopleMosaic Support - Bereavement Information Pack for Parents/Carers

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