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Maths Curriculum Overview

From September 2020 we adopted the mastery approach to teaching maths for all pupils in our  school. To support the teaching of the mastery approach we adopted two maths schemes of work, one for each Key Stage.

KS2 use Power Maths as the basis for this work and in KS3 we use White Rose.

Both Power Maths and White Rose are resources that have been designed for UK schools based on research and extensive experience of teaching and learning around the world and here in the UK. They have been designed to support and challenge all pupils, and are built on the belief that everyone can learn maths successfully.  

The schemes are structured to teach concepts for longer and to go deeper into children’s understanding. For each year group, the curriculum strands are broken down into core concepts. These are taught in blocks of lessons so teachers can give sufficient time to developing a deep and sustainable understanding of core maths concepts. Each concept has also been broken down into small steps (lessons). Each lesson and concept builds on prior knowledge to help children build a robust and deep understanding of the concept before moving on.

Understanding is monitored during the course of each lesson and at the end of each unit giving teachers a clear picture of progress and attainment as well as areas which need further teaching and support.

Maths curriculum overview

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