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Welcome to the PTFA page!

  • The Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) exists Independently to -and in support of - Dorchester Middle School.  We have members from all backgrounds, bringing a variety of experience and skills, and aim to enrich the time our children spend at school, and also to benefit and involve the local community.
  • We are now actively recruiting members, volunteers and sponsors to work with us to plan and run safe events to provide much needed additional funds to make our children’s education more enjoyable and involve the local community.
  • Traditionally, the PTFA runs events to bring children, families and the school community together and raise funds along the way. We achieve this as a PTFA with members planning and running such events with the support of volunteers and sponsors.
  • Please contact us to be involved if you can bake or cook, help with refreshments, DJ at a disco, source prizes for fairs & raffles, have creative /crafty skills, DIY, weed/ garden, fund-raise, design posters or websites, speak on the phone, run a meeting, put tickets in envelopes, or setup & takedown stalls for events, or simply if you have enthusiasm to be involved in any way!
  • You can email us at: or reach us through our Facebook page: add your skills, experience, contacts and energy to ours!

PTFA - AGM Minutes - October 2023

AGM Minutes 10 Oct 2023.pdf

PTFA - AGM Meeting - 16.11.2022 - 5.00pm

AGM Meeting Minutes 16 Nov 2022.pdf

PTFA - AGM Meeting - 03.11.2021 - 5.30pm at DMS Library

PTFA - AGM meeting 03.11.2021 - 5.30pm.pdf

PTFA Policies

Expense Policy.docx.pdf

Complaints Procedure Policy.pdf

Social Media Policy.docx.pdf

Volunteering Policy.docx.pdf

Safeguarding Policy.docx.pdf

Risk Management Policy.docx.pdf

Equal Opportunities Policy.docx.pdf

Conflict of Interest Policy.pdf

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