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At Dorchester Middle School we keep the curriculum at the heart of the education we offer.  As a result, children experience a rich and exceptionally varied curriculum which allows our pupils to leave us at the end of Year 8 as confident young learners, ready and equipped to move on to the next stage of their education.  Pupils engage with a wide range of subjects delivered by passionate teachers through ambitious, well designed schemes of learning, tailored to meet their needs.

The curriculum embodies our school values of inclusivity, challenge and empowerment.

Pupils in years 5 and 6 follow a Key Stage 2 curriculum and pupils in years 7 and 8 follow a Key Stage 3 curriculum.  Pupils in both Key Stages study English, Maths, Science, MFL (French or Spanish), Computing, Art, Drama, Music, PE, Games, DT, STEM and PSHCEE.

At Dorchester Middle School, our Homebase Tutors play a key role in supporting pupils to be ready to learn and pupils see their Homebase Tutor twice a day.  Our Homebase Tutors help set their tutees up for success each day and carry out a planned series of activities supporting their academic and personal development.  In addition, all year groups have a weekly assembly which across the year covers a range of themes which teach and promote our school values.  These assemblies focus on issues that help to connect our wider school community and build a sense of belonging.

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