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Yr 5 and 6 Tennis - runner ups!

Yr 5 and 6 Tennis - runner ups!

Yr 5 and 6 Tennis - runner ups! 1

Forget Roland Garros or Wimbledon! At Dorchester Tennis Club yesterday afternoon it was better!


We had the top Yr 5 and Yr 6 players from the area all competing to secure the title of "Best in Dorchester"


There was some impressive plays with smashes/cross court/backhand winners and many more shots that clinched points for pupils!


After all the games had been played in singles and doubles the results showed that St Osmunds just took the title but with DMS closely on their heels!


The team played extremely well in hot conditions and deserve every pat on the back for coming runners up


Tennis team - Tommy Gale, Kiara Gannaway, Hayden Pounds and Beth Ellis


Mr Dailey