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Year 8

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Year 8

Assistant Headteacher for KS3:  Miss Clements


The class tutors are:

8HJ - Miss Homer & Mrs Jeffery

8WE - Mrs Whiting & Miss Emery

8AF - Miss Farn

8MH - Miss Hobern

8MR - Mr Roberts


KS3 Learning Mentor - Miss Still


Year 8 at Dorchester Middle School sets out to build on the skills and understanding that the children have gathered through their time at the school. The primary focus of the year, beyond academic success and social development, is to ensure that all pupils reach the end of Year 8 fully prepared for the transition to upper school and the move onto their chosen courses.


In the summer term, pupils have the opportunity to spend time at the upper school. Children who need additional support in the transfer process have extra visits. Dorchester Middle School staff liaise closely with Thomas Hardye School staff. They share academic records as well as having detailed conversations about every pupil, so that the upper school knows each child’s strengths and the areas in which they need support.


Most of Year 8 lessons are taught by specialist teachers, often in specialist rooms. Pupils are taught in ability groups for Maths, Science, ICT, Music, Games, History and Geography.


Year 8 benefit from a wide range of extra curricular activities throughout the year and during Activities Week.  In addition, there are Year 8 specific events such as end of year trips and our Leavers’ Service.


As the oldest pupils in the school, Year 8s take on additional responsibilities. One of the most significant is acting as Buddies for Year 5 pupils. Every Year 8 pupil is assigned a Year 5 pupil and it is their role to help and encourage their Buddy. Year 8 pupils respond very positively to this, rising to the challenge of setting a good example and ensuring that their Buddies settle in well.


Expectations of all members of the year group, both pupils and staff, are high. We expect everyone to make a positive contribution to the life of Year 8 so that all members can achieve success in a happy and secure environment. We encourage children to challenge themselves to try their best in lessons, in clubs and activities and in their social life around school.