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Year 7

Year 7

Assistant Headteacher for KS3:  Miss Clements


The class tutors are:


7MP - Mr Palmer

7VG - Mrs Gowers

7BE - Mrs Brothers & Mrs Edmonds

7DS - Mrs Davies & Mrs Scott

7RK - Mrs Rouse & Miss Kelly


KS3 Learning Mentor - Miss Still


Being the beginning of Key Stage 3, there are quite a few changes from Year 6 to Year 7.  The pupils are in 6 tutor groups of approximately 25, with 3 groups being in P half of the timetable, and 3 in Q half.  In ability sets for many of their subjects, pupils, are largely taught by subject specialists, often in specialist rooms.  Pupils are encourages to be more independent in every aspect of school life and this is overseen by their caring Home Base Tutors with whom they will remain for 2 years.  The amount of homework increases with the expectation that it will be complete in time and to a good standard. 


As with other year groups, we adopt a charity for which several events are planned throughout the year.  Our current charity is Julia's House.


There are more opportunities for pupils to take part in extra curricular activities, a major being becoming a Sports Leader.  This involves visits to First Schools to help with events and helping with our own KS2 pupils.  Educational visits are planned where relevant and reward visits (for example, bowling, cinema, swimming) after school have become part of the Year 7 experience.


All of the above prepare our pupils well for the challenges of Year 8.