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Year 4 Pupils

Hello and Welcome to the Year 4 Pupil Page.

Here you will find some helpful and fun resources that Miss Easton has put together for you.

Keep checking this page as more will be posted as the term goes on!

We are in the process of updating all our information ready for September 2022.

RESOURCE 1 - Miss Easton’s Guide to Dorchester Middle School


This Slideshow covers a range of topics about life here at Dorchester Middle School.

It may help answer any questions that you have.

RESOURCE 2 - Transition Handbook 2022

This has been designed for you the student to read and work through with an adult at home. It should hopefully answer some of the questions you might have about starting with us at Dorchester Middle School. There are also some activities for you to complete.

RESOURCE 3 - All About Me, for my Buddy (Printable Sheet)


This resource has been designed to give your buddy some information about you. It will also allow us to pair you with a current Year 7 student, ready for September. The sheet can be downloaded, printed and completed. Once completed we would like it returned to us here at Dorchester Middle School. The return address can be found on the first page of the document.


RESOURCE 4 - Welcome to the Bungalow

This resource is primarily for any PD pupil joining Dorchester Middle School, but everyone is welcome to watch it and find out more!


It is a short presentation, with audio, about the Physical Disability Base. It will give you some information on what The Bungalow is and what happens there. You will also 'meet' some staff who you may see when you join us.

Year Four Children:

Some of the resources that we have put in your area might have been already shared with you by your current school.

However, if you haven’t seen them before then do have a look.


The resources are worth printing off so you can keep referring to the information we have provided you with.

If you complete the ‘All about Me - Buddy’ sheet then either give them to your Year Four teacher or send them straight to Miss Easton or Mrs Ray. 


Our school address is:

Dorchester Middle School

Queens Avenue


Dorset DT1 2HS


Please remember to write:

FAO Miss Easton and Mrs Ray on the envelope.