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Y7 Netball - 10.3.15

Y7 Netball - 10.3.15

Short Version:

Y7 Netballers lost 7-2 to St.Marys and beat Budmouth 8-3.

Their Version:

Millie: We all played great following the hairstyle of plaits and great teamwork lead us to success

Lottie and Becky doing a rap:
Netball is cool, you have to catch the ball
Intercept and beat them all, that's how we rule,
We are cool hey! Team Duck did amazing! BOOM !
Lauren:  We did awesome ! #racheltheluckycharm
Beatha: I thought we played great! Well done for the defending and shooting. Keep it up DMS!
Marnie: Well done peeps,  awesome play!
Rachel inspirational speech dedicated to Mr Anderson from me and Lauren:
We raced into the battle field of the netball court, hearts pumping with inner soul as we grasped our learning opportunity with both readied hands.  Then we realised the true metaphoric meaning of netball. Handbag post it notes!
Emily: Excellent play! We all played really well.
Yasmin: Well done everyone, we played really well.
Elysia: Hooray! We played amazingly.  Go Team Duck!
Lucy: It was alright
Lea: We all played really well !!! Well done everyone!!! Lucy has a nice comment!! :)