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Y7 Girls 5-a-side tournament - 2.2.15

Yr 7 girls 5 a side team went up to Puddletown to face St Osmunds and of course Puddletown.

The girls talked tactically to each other while they were eyeing up the competition. Naming names from other teams and telling the rest of their team to watch out for them!


The tournament started...


The girls fought hard against St Osmunds and Puddletown. Lottie Hall in particular was a brick wall in defence that strikers kept bouncing off! Marnie Worthington pushed passed players and slotted away a few tidy clinical goals to clinch a victory! However Katie Gabe was DMS's player of the tournament with her superb skills and strength that pushed her team onwards time and time again


In the end the points were totalled up and as everyone played everyone twice, it showed that everyone came joint first! The goals scored and scored against were the same too!


A remarkable score but a deserved winners to all


Please congratulate the team for coming first!


Lottie Hall, Emily Stewart, Libby Foxwell, Katie Gabe, Jess Lee and Marnie Worthington

Manager: Emily Chambers