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Wessex MAT

Wessex MAT - Scheme of Delegation

MAT Parent Meeting - 25.05.2021

Please note the questions below, these were asked by the parents in attendance last night. Unfortunately, the microphone couldn't pick up some of the questions/answers. 

Q&A’s from MAT Parent Evening – Tuesday 25th May 2021
Q1. (recording: 33min)
MF repeats question before answering
Q2. (recording 37mins)
MF repeats question before answering.
Q3. (recording 41m)
Q – What is the data comparison between MAT v Maintained School/SAT (Single Academy Trust)? 
MF answers
Q4. (recording 44m 35s)
Q – How will the monitoring of schools work in the MAT?  
MF answers 
Q5. (recording 47m 57s)
Q – The school community includes people within the school.  This includes all staff, not only teaching staff.  What are the MAT’s plans for any reduction/restructuring of staff?
MF answers
Q6. (recording 52m)
Q – Appreciate that staff will be protected by TUPE but this is only for 3 years, what are the MAT plans following this. 
MF answers.
Q7. (recording 57m)
Q – Understand that this is the ‘journey’ all schools are expected to now follow.  Is the school being forced/coerced to join the Wessex Mat?
Jan Dunne, CoG and Caroline Pluck answered. 
Governors have been considering joining a MAT for many years.  A lot of time and research has gone into the proposed conversion and we feel that the Wessex MAT is the best option for our school and community, especially as it’s ethos and values are very similar to our own. 

You can also find MAT information under the Parents' section on the link below:

2nd letter to parents from Chair of Governors - MAT

FAQ for parents and staff

Letter from Chair of Governors to Parents - 30th April 21