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Visions and Values

At Dorchester Middle School we believe that every child is extraordinary and that education has the capacity and the possibility to change lives for the better. We are committed to providing children with the best possible educational experience within a positive, caring and supportive environment.


At Dorchester Middle School teaching and learning is built upon a foundation that is inclusive, supportive, challenging and empowering.


It is our aim to ensure that every child is encouraged by high expectations and aspirations to achieve the highest standards. We offer opportunities that inspire our children and encourage them to become independent learners, which enable them to establish the values, qualities, skills and knowledge they need to achieve success, gain fulfilment in the future and become lifelong learners. When our pupils leave us at the end of Year 8, we expect them to be responsible, caring and confident young people ready and equipped to move on to the next stage of their education.


It is our aim to ensure that every child feels happy and safe in school. We work together to ensure that courtesy and mutual respect underpin all that we do and that all pupils have the opportunity to achieve their academic, personal and social potential for excellence.