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Transition Year 6 to Year 7

Welcome to Year 7


The Assistant Headteacher for Year 7 and 8 Key Stage 3 is Miss Clements


Dear Year 6 (and Parents/Carers of Year 6),


What a strange end to the year it has been.  I am really looking forward to welcoming you into Year 7.  I have seen quite a few of you in the ‘Yellow, Red and Blue Zone’ over the past couple of months, but for some of you, you haven’t been in for a while.  It’s all going to be a bit weird for you all, and it’s going to be weird for staff too. 


You will be in the ‘Blue Zone’ as Year 7s, so this will mean that you will come into school through the gates on Queens Avenue and wait by the picnic benches and on the basketball courts on your first day back.  If you missed the information in Ms Pluck’s letter this week about coming back to school in September, I have attached it. 


I hope that you have had the opportunity to have a look at the powerpoint about coming into Y7  You will be in you HB room for most of your lessons.



7MH (6KD) – Room 16 with Miss Hobern

7AN (6MW) – Room 17 with Ms Jones

7HJ (6YK) – Room 18 (The Music Room) with Miss Homer and Mrs Jeffery

7AF (6AD) – Room 19 (the huts) with Miss Farn

7IW (6PC) – Room 20 (the huts) with Mrs Winstanley


Have a fantastic summer, see you in September.


Miss Clements J


Please read our powerpoint with frequently asked questions regarding the transition to Year 7 from Year 6