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School Day Times

School Day 

09:00-09:10                                         Registration

09:10-10:05                                         Lesson 1

10:05-11:00                                         Lesson 2

11:00-11:20                                         Break

11:20-12:15                                         Lesson 3

12:15-1:10                                           Lesson 4

1:10-2.00                                             Lunch

2.00-2.25                                             HB Tutor Time/Assembly

2:25-3:25                                             Lesson 5

3:25-3:30                                             Dismissal from HB


If it is raining before school pupils may go to the hall if the wet bells are sounded, where they will be supervised until

08:50am – they are then allowed to go to their classrooms