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Pupils Returning to School

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic pupils returning to school will be allocated a zone. 


We understand this can be a scary time for pupils and parents, so we are hoping this page will help make things a little easier and clearer.


At the moment Year 5, 7 & 8 pupils of key workers (as defined by the government) are allocated to the GREEN zone.

Pupils in Year 6 are split between the other three zones, YELLOW, RED and BLUE.


If your child is returning for the first time to school since lockdown please contact the school office and they will inform of what zone your child will be allocated to. You must inform us the Thursday before your child is due to start back at school, this is to ensure we have enough staff to cover classes. 


The stories below will hopefully help your child understand the changes that have happened in school since March 2020.

KEY WORKER - Days Required at School

ONLY TO BE COMPLETED BY KEY WORKER PARENTS/CARERS. If you are a key worker, can I please ask you complete the short form below.  We are finding that more children are now returning within the Key Worker Zone. So that we are able to forward plan as much as possible we need to know whether you are intending to send your child in to school within the next 4 weeks. Please include in your message if you are a key worker and what your job role is, also include whether you intend to send your child back to school at any point in the next 4 weeks and if so what dates. Many thanks.