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Key Stage 3 Mathematics

Curriculum is currently under review


Curriculum Aims

To enjoy learning, make progress and to achieve one’s potential

To become increasingly independent learners, taking the initiative and being well organised.

To be well prepared for life and work


Curriculum Content

The mathematics curriculum is divided into four areas:

  • Number

  • Data Handling

  • Shape, Space & Measure

  • Algebra


Pupils are taught objectives in line with their current ability within the areas of Maths.  The objective are set in order to enhance and extend the pupils learning at a level and pace appropriate to their needs.



Pupils are assessed twice yearly.  These take place towards the end of the Autumn Term and again in the first half of the Summer Term.  Pupils sit tests appropriate to the level they are working at and towards. 


Class Groups

Years 7 and 8 are divided into 2.  Each year half is then split into 4 ability groups based on prior attainment.  Sets are reviewed periodically and adjustments made as appropriate.


Home Work (Home Learning)

Homework is set once a week.  Homework takes various forms e.g. My Maths (online), worksheets, research.  Maths Drop-in runs twice weekly to support pupils with their learning and homework.