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French Overview



Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Year 5

Je me présente

Talking about myself


Dans mon sac

What I have in my bag

Tu as un animal?

Talking about pets


Cher zoo

Read a traditional story and create own book

Human sentences

Common –er verbs

Using qui to form longer sentences

Au marché

Fruit and vegetables, role play

Year 6

C’est moi

Revision of year 5 questions about myself


Grand Monstre Vert

Physical descriptions/describing a monster

Ma grand-mère est une hippie

Family members

J’adore le judo

Likes and dislikes


A table

Talking about food

J’habite dans un chateau

Where I live


Take Mali

Project on a francophone country

Year 7

C’est Perso

Likes and dislikes/survival kit/describing personality

Mon Collège

School subjects I study/ giving opinions and reasons

Mes passetemps

Talking about my hobbies

Ma Zone

Talking about the town where I live

Year 8

T’es branché

Talking about TV and cinema/how I use technology

Past tense

Paris je t’adore

Paris landmarks/ using the past tense to talk and write about a visit to Paris

Mon identité


My personality/relationships/my style/music

Chez moi chez toi

Describing my house