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DMS - Local Governing Body (LGB)

Dorchester Middle School is part of the Wessex Multi Academy Trust (WMAT), a single entity established to undertake a strategic collaboration to improve and maintain high educational standards across a number of schools.  DMS has its own Local Governing Body (LGB) which is a committee of the WMAT Board of Directors.


Our Local Governing Body consists of a group of enthusiastic and committed people who volunteer to work in partnership with the school leaders to shape the future of the school, to decide the key issues that will help staff to raise standards and to determine how the school will best spend its money.  The LGB also assigns Link Governors to work across the key areas of the school to achieve these aims.  We regularly review the skills set, training needs and experience of the LGB to ensure effective governance of the school. 


Please address any Governor-related correspondence to the Chair of Governors, Mr Stuart Legg, and send to the school office clearly marked for his attention or email to:


Members of the DMS  Local Governing Body are:

(The dates in brackets refer to the date of appointment and term of office)



Ms Caroline Pluck (12/06/20)


Parent Governors 

Mr Robert Trickey (Date TBC)


Appointed Governors

Mr Stuart Legg (27/11/17 - term extended) Chair (21/07/22 - 21/07/26)

Mr Ben Martin (19/03/19 - 19/03/23) Vice Chair (21/07/22 - 21/07/26)

Miss Zoe Jarvis (09/11/22 - 09/11/26)

Mr David Shaw (01/02/23 - 01/02/27)

Ms Kathy O'Bourne (29/03/23 - 29/03/27)


Staff Governor 

Miss Kelly Shutts (01/12/20 - 01/12/24)


Former members of the DMS SAT

Mrs Jan Dunne (09/05/17 - 21/07/22 term extended as Chair - associated governor until dissolution of SAT - 07/03/23)

Mrs Pat Bailey (18/02/18 - 18/02/22 - term of office extended until dissolution of SAT - 07/03/23)

Mr John Adams  (19/03/19 - until dissolution of SAT - 07/03/23)

Mr Peter Knell (18/03/19 - 18/03/23 - resigned)

Mrs Delphine Didier (03/01/20 - 09/09/21 - resigned)

Mrs Debbie Scammell (01/12/20 - 08/12/21 - resigned)

Mr Robert Hattersley (04/01/22 - 13/03/22 resigned)

Ms Lisa Upchurch (27/11/17 - 27/11/21, term extended - 23/03/22 resigned)

Mr Matt Weiss (11/05/22 - 06/09/23 resigned)

Wessex MAT - Governance page

Meeting notes from LGB Sept 2023 - July 2024

Meeting notes from the LGB meetings will be available, by request, from the MAT Clerk:


There maybe parts that are redacted due to sensitivity.

Governors attendance to meetings - September to May 2023

Governors Attendance to meetings - February to July 2022

Governors Attendance to meetings up to December 2021