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Creative Writing Competition Results


Congratulations to the winner of the kindle..... Rohana S who wrote a fantastic poem 'Denise at No.3'


Our Year group and overall winners are:


· Year 5: ‘Otter Attic Mayhem’ by Emily Trickey

· Year 6: ‘The City of the Wicked’ by Gracie Temple Brown

· Year 7: ‘White Questions’ by Brooke Batchelor

· Year 8 ‘The Mirror’ By Elian Hallet.


Well done to everyone who took part!


Reading challenge - Group Reading Competition

Win a party for your year group when school gets back to normal!   The year group who reads the most books over the next 6 weeks until the end of term, will receive a party when we return to school properly. However, the prize will only be for those pupils in the year group who actually read. Year 8, if you win and we don’t see you back in school, the top 15 readers will receive a prize.  We will create a reading wall for each year group in school and share this with you every week so that you can see who is winning. If you would like to enter, each time you read a book, send an email to, including the following information:

  • your name
  • home base
  • title of the book
  • Author
  • what the book was about
  • what you thought of the book.


Once Mrs Spackman, our new librarian, receives your entry she will put your name on a brick (a paper one) and add it to the reading wall.  Remember, no prize for you if you don’t have a brick on the wall!

We are really looking forward to seeing your entries – get writing and reading!

June 2020

Creative Writing Competition:

Get your imagination into gear!   I would like you to write a story, poem or drama script that your reader doesn’t want to put down!  It can be about anything you like.  Tomorrow you will get an invitation to the ‘Creative Writing Classroom’, where you will be able to leave your entries.

  • There will be a winner in each year group and an overall winner.
  • The winners in each year group will receive a prize.
  • The overall winner will receive a grand prize of a Kindle!

The closing date is Monday 22nd June 2020


"I LIVE IN DORSET" Competition.

RSPB Art Competition 2020


I have found a lovely RSPB Wild Art competition that would be ideal for our pupils as an additional Art activity/summer holiday project.  Please feel free to take part. The instructions are on the power point.

The link is if you wish to preview the competition or would like further details.

Mrs. Gowers

Dorset Library Reading Challenge 


You probably all know about the Summer Reading Challenge which is run by Dorset libraries on behalf of the Reading Agency who set it all up.  It's where the kids read 6 books over the summer holidays and collect stickers when they complete a book.


Obviously it can't go ahead in the usual way at the moment so it has moved online, here are the links for their Facebook page and how to join:


The website to join is here: