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Tel: 01305 265651                            



School Office Opening Hours:   Monday - Thursday 8.30 – 4.30   Friday 08.30 - 4.00


Absences:  There is a pupil absence line available at all times however this is automated and messages only picked up on school days.

Alternatively you can email or message through our MyEd App


Messages for pupils:  We request that these are kept to emergencies only.  In a school of over 600 pupils it may not always be possible to pass messages immediately to a child.  We aim to do this as soon as possible.  If messages are received before mid-day they will be sent to the pupil via the afternoon class register.


Club cancellations: If an after school club is cancelled or arrangements have to be changed – pupils should come to the school office at break-time/lunchtime to phone home. We will text parents for last minute cancellations.


Appointments:  If a pupil has to attend a medical/dental appointment - it is the pupils’ responsibility to meet their parent/carer at the school office at the pre-arranged time.  They must sign out before leaving school. Please email: to inform the school office.


Forgotten Kit/Lunch/Equipment:  It is the pupils’ responsibility to collect/check the school office for ‘forgotten’ items.  If a forgotten lunch has not been brought into school, pupils are encouraged to ring home.  If no-one is at home a school lunch will be provided should there be one available. Parents will be sent a letter home for the cost of the lunch.


Concerns:  Any concerns should be raised with the HB Tutor, in the first instance.  If the concern is not resolved then the matter can be referred firstly to the Head of Year, then an SLT member and finally the Governing Body.  Contact can be made via telephone, letter or email using the above information. 


Please be aware that there is a 2 working day email response protocol.


Please consider some staff are part-time.  If your call is urgent, please ensure you tell the office, so the call can be dealt with appropriately.

List of staff to contact first with any queries:


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