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Year 6

Year 6

Year 6 is an important year at Dorchester Middle School as it marks the end of Key Stage 2 with the SATs in May. We have 5 classes in the year with approximately 31 children in each class.


Progress leader is:  Mr murray

The class tutors are:

6IW - Mrs Winstanley

6LS - Miss Sharpe
6NR - Miss Randall

6PE - Mrs Ettling
6TH - Mr Haigh


Each year group within the school has a specific charity which it supports. Our charity is the 'Kingfisher Ward' for children at the Dorset County Hospital. Over the past few years we have donated a great deal of money to our charity, through various fundraising activities.


Our busy school year looks like this:



Hums - Decades.  A study of life from 1940s britain all the way up to the present day.  The highlight is decades day.


Science - The human body.  A study of the human body looking particularly at the digestive system and circulatory system.  The highlights are a visit from the explorer dome and climbing inside the digestion system and a live heart dissection!


English - A variety of topics and genres including:  Biographies, autobiographies and narratives based around a Roald Dahl unit, a narrative unit based around temptation, poetry and a topic introducing reading journals and a lost thing...



Hums - Ancient Greece.  A study of the rise and dominance of Ancient Greece including case studies on the different city states, wars and myths.  There will of course be a Greek Day - Togas ready!


Science - Forces.  A study on the different forces we encounter day to day.  There are plenty of experiments and pupils will need to apply their understanding to complete an 'eggs'cellent challenge!


Science - Light and space.  Two topics that spread onto the Summer term.  Pupils can expect to learn anything from where light comes from, how shadows are formed and why as well as everyone's favourite study about the solar system.


English - A variety of topics and genres including:  Non chronological reports, discussion texts and persuasive letters based around an emperor penguin theme, newspaper articles and a narrative text based around...wait for it...suspense!



Hums - Ancient Greece and the History of chocolate.  Pupils will be finishing their study of Ancient Greece as well as looking at how everyone's favourite food is produced.


Science - Light and Space and Changing materials.  Pupils leave physics behind and make the leap into chemistry as they look at how different materials behave in certain conditions.  They will see solids, liquids and gases like never before!


English - A variety of topics and genres including:  Narrative work based around the study of a short story and a variety of text types based around the study of a popular children's novel.