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Autumn 1

Autumn 2



Year 5

 In Year 5 we follow the Catherine Cheater Primary French course which the majority of pupils started

 in Year 3 in their first school.

Year 6

 In Year 6 we develop essential language learning skills such as sentence building, grammatical

 structures and comprehension skills, all of which are taught in the context  of ‘ma famille et moi’

 however Year 6 Curriculum is currently under review

Year 7

Theme – Ma Famille et Moi

Describing yourself and others – family, physical appearance, character, sentence building.

Grammar points – être, avoir, 1st and 3rd person, position and agreement of adjectives, masculine, feminine and plural

Theme – la Vie Scolaire

Describing timetable, opinions, school facilities, uniform and free time.

Grammar points – extended sentence building with sentence starter, connectives and opinions, introduction of some ER verbs.

Theme – Les Loisirs

Describing free time at weekends, hobbies, sport, opinions, the time, the weather.

Grammar points – ER regular verbs, irregular verbs Aller, Faire,  Avoir,  Etre, possessive adjectives, using qualifiers with opinions.

Theme – Les Vacances

Preparing for a holiday, packing a case, transport, buying souvenirs, holiday activities, Tour de France.

Grammar points – immediate future tense, ER verbs


Autumn 1

Autumn 2 / Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1/2

Year 8

Theme – Moi

Revision of description of you and your family, likes and dislikes, mini module La Fontaine fables

Grammar points – Present Tense, ‘Big 4’ irregular verbs aller, faire, être, avoir

Theme – Ma Vie

Using the past tense to describe what you have done/did during holidays, weekends etc. mini module Prévert –Déjeuner du Matin poem.

Grammar points – Forming the Past Tense, au, à la, aux


Theme – Ma routine

Describing daily routine

Grammar points – Reflexive Verbs in Present Tense, Past Tense for some.

1. Theme – Une Visite à Paris

Describing a visit away, packing suitcase, currency, transport, ordering and buying food, shopping.

Grammar points – Present, Past and Future Tenses, partitive article du, de la, des with food items, negatives, modal verbs

2.  Theme – Les Sorties

Arranging to go out, time, place, venue.

Grammar points – Modal verbs, negatives, question forms.