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Curriculum Overview


At Dorchester Middle School, we provide a rich and varied learning experience that gives pupils the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities and to achieve their full potential.


New Curriculum

The new National Curriculum and the associated assessment continues to be introduced in all subjects. 

DASP colleagues are working together to create a shared approach to assessment.  As the assessment of pupils’ attainment and progress continues to change, Parents/Carers will be kept up to date  as the year progresses. 


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In KS2 pupils are taught in mixed ability tutor groups for most subjects, including  English, Science, History, Geography, RE and PSHCEE.  Sometimes it is necessary to have a support group in English. Pupils are set for Maths.


Pupils also receive specialist teaching in DT, Art, Music, French, Computing and PE.



In KS3:

  • We create 6 new tutor groups from the existing 5 Year 6 classes.
  • Pupils stay with their Year 7 tutor and Head of Year through to the end of Year 8.

  • These tutor groups are mixed ability and are taught in these groups for Art, English and PSHCEE. (We also have a support group in English).

  • The year group is split into ‘P’ half and ‘Q’ half.

  • This split enables us to ensure pupils are taught by specialist teachers.

  • Pupils are taught in sets for Maths, Science, French, History, Geography, RE, Music, DT, and Computing.